Former Steroid Dealer, Competitive Bodybuilder, Gym Owner, and Bodybuilding Contest Promoter Exposes the Dark Side of Bodybuilding!
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 Are You Aware...

A top Mr. Olympia contender has been captured on video tape performing what appears to be witchcraft as part of his training!

A trophy given away at a major I.F.B.B. event is shaped in a design used to symbolize the worship of Lucifer!

Flex and Muscle and Fitness magazine seem to be using subliminal messages to brainwash you!

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    Feature Articles

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    ROBERT KENNEDY OBITUARY: Canadian Pervert Publisher Robert Kennedy Pushed Smut onto American Soil.
    Robert Kennedy, publisher of MuscleMag International, peddled x-rated material to kids in the United States. Kennedy published detailed articles teaching boys and girls how to perform cunnilingus and fellatio. . . . more>>>
    Bodybuilders Will Desecrate Church!
    A century-old Baptist Church has been diverted from a sacred to a profane use for this purpose. . . . more>>> Members Spread Terror And Encourage Death Over Internet Forum
    On January 8th, 2008, a member of began a campaign in the forum known as the Misc. with the goal of attacking our Christian ministry and to assault my wife and I. . . . more>>>
    Flex And Muscle & Fitness Magazines Seemed To Be Using Subliminal Messages To Brainwash You! -- Part 1
    Bodybuilders have always known of the power of subliminal messages but few actually knew that this technique was being used on them. In this series, we show you what and how it's happening. It's no coincidence! . . . more>>>
    Official I.F.B.B. Logo Resembles A Symbol Used By An Occult Luciferian Organization - THE FREEMASONS!
    See a side-by-side comparison of these two symbols. This information was to remain concealed from the eyes of the public! . . . more>>> Administrator Attempts to Cover Up Truth About Bodybuilding's Cult Connection
    While exposing the cult of bodybuilding and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the public website of, we have been repeatedly censored by the administrator of . . . more>>>
    Fitness Olympia Competitor Flashes What Appears To Be The Satanic "Devil Horn" Hand Signal During On-Stage Routine!
    Dressed As A Nun, IFBB Pro Jenny Hendershott Performs Blasphemous Routine In Sin City To A Cheering Audience! Hendershott appeared to flash the "mano cornuto", (a hand gesture also known as the devil's triad, il cornuto, horned devil, and the devil horn salute)on stage Olympia weekend in Las Vegas. . . . more>>>
    Ironman Magazine Publishes Marijuana Dosages Of Pro Bodybuilder!
    Many bodybuilding magazines have printed the steroid drug cycles taken by professional bodybuilders. Ironman Magazine takes it a step further by publishing the pot intake along with other drugs taken by a pro bodybuilder transcribed directly from the pro's handwritten note. . . . more>>>
    Big Caskets And Dead Bodybuilders!
    Deaths in bodybuilding are inevitable! Paul Demayo, Mike Mentzer, Don Youngblood, Andreas Munzer, Mohammed Benaziza, Sonny Schmidt and Ray Mentzer are a few bodybuilders who have died. We will all die someday. Will you be huge when they bury you? . . . more>>>
    Phone Tap: Looking For Drugs and Anabolic Steroids
    If you're a bodybuilder there's a good chance that you have a stash of anabolic steroids and other drugs stashed in your home. Do you use your home phone or cell phone to score steroids from your supplier? Your phone could be tapped! . . . more>>>
    Video Clip: Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits To Smoking Marijuana
    Call it whatever you want...pot, weed, reefer, dope, Mary Jane - The fact is, marijuana is still a drug and Arnold Schwarzenegger toked up! Arnold seems to be proud of it in this video clip. . . . more>>>
    Audio Clip: Lee Priest Comments On Craig Titus Situation
    Bodybuilder Lee Priest makes a very juvenile statement regarding bodybuilder Craig Titus and the murder case he is involved in. Just goes to show you, many bodybuilders will do anything for attention. . . . more>>>
    Weider Magazine Caught Using A Method Practiced By Cults To Further Lead You Into Satanism!
    Muscle Missions first exposed this at the Arnold Classic. When famous bodybuilder and long-time Weider pupil Mike Katz first read our pamphlet and found out about this subtle technique, he literally froze in his tracks. . . . more>>>
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     Did You Know...

    Arnold Schwarzenegger used a form of sorcery during the taping of the bodybuilding documentary film "Pumping Iron?"

    In the 1980's, the Weider Research Clinic had a member on their staff who taught the I.F.B.B. champs a form of witchcraft to further their muscular gains?

    Many occult symbols can be found in the stage backdrops of several I.F.B.B. shows?

    The I.F.B.B. logo closely resembles a symbol used by an occult Luciferian organization?

    Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger is a member of the Masonic Fraternity known as the Freemasons?
    I will have to think about this one!

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